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Dear Club Member,


Monthly Draw

The winning numbers for MAY, 2024 were:

1st prize    £125     No        1150   

2nd prize    £75      No            65

3rd prize     £50      No          507 

4th prize     £25      No          223

5th prize     £25      No          428

6th prize     £20      No          678

Monthly Draw tickets can also be purchased at the bar when they are not too busy.


What’s in a Name?

Shakespeare, in one of his writings wrote “What’s in a Name?” He got that wrong given the many millions companies spend on their name, image or brand recognition. The Committee have asked me to conduct a straw poll to find out what members think of our current Club name, “The Dartford Working Men’s Club Ltd”, given that the name no longer reflects the majority of our membership and is considered old fashioned by many younger people. Originally, the Club was called “The Dartford Club Association Ltd”. If the Club’s name was changed, what to? I don’t think it could be called simply “The Dartford Club” as it could be easily confused with “The Dartford Social Club”. Please let me know your thoughts by replying to this email.


Skills Register

I have also been asked to compile a skills register of members who would be willing to donate their time and skills on a voluntary basis. This could include people with a green thumb, IT skills, painting & decorating, carpentry etc., the list could go on. Again, just reply to this email


European Football

We will be screening all the European football games on our three new 75” TVs in the bar. When bingo is being played the games will be shown but with the sound off. The only exceptions will be the England games starting with the match against Serbia on Sunday, 16th June at 8pm when the sound will be on. At the end of this newsletter there is a list of all the matches.


Additional Bingo Caller Wanted (Wednesday afternoons)

The Club is looking for another bingo caller to help out Wednesday afternoons and possibly at other bingo sessions. Please contact Barbara if you are interested in being a bingo caller. As an aside, the cost of bingo books for the Wednesday session have gone up from £6 to £8 to increase the prize pool.


Doorkeeper Vacancy

As Ted Llewellyn has decided to retire after five year on the door, the vacancy is now for a permanent position. The new doorkeeper will initially be required to cover the door on Sundays from 11.30am to 2.30pm and 6.30pm to 10.30pm (11pm when there is an extension).The new doorkeeper will also be required to cover Dave Chandler on Friday and Saturday nights (6.30pm to 11pm, or midnight when there is an extension) as and when. The pay will be £11.50 per hour. Interested members should contact me.


Race Night

The next race night will be held on Saturday 19th October, 2024, starting at 8pm. Although the turnout at the last meeting was a bit disappointing the event did raise a lot of money for the Dreams Come True children’s charity. Everyone who attended had a great time so I do ask members to come to the next one. You’ll have a great time and it is for a good cause.



The next Karaoke will be on Sunday 26th May.


New Members

Although I have stopped issuing any more Membership Application forms for the time being, I will honour any forms that have been handed out. Also, anyone that has received a Welcome letter but not yet responded can still join.


Club Catering

Wed    noon to 3pm

Thurs  noon to 3pm, 7pm to 9pm

Fri       noon to 9pm

Sat      noon to 6pm

Sun     noon to 2pm (normal menu)

            2pm to 5.30pm (Roasts only – book in advance)


Tina (07800 632650) also provides catering for parties in the hall and for parties outside the Club.


Live Music

Please find listed below the Folk and Saturday night bands performing in the Club over the next few weeks.  


Bar Saturday nights (free)


25th May – Cat’s Eyes – The band that reflects “middle of the road” tastes. Late change as Word of Mouth had to cancel.


1st June – OC3


8th June – Big Tone DJ


15th June – Si’s Smoking Aces


22nd June – Happy Daze


29th June – Top Gun


Folk Club Tuesday nights (there is a charge). Non Folk Club members are welcome.

Music starts at 8pm (doors open at 7.15pm) and the evening ends at 10.30pm.


28th May – Mike Nicholson


4th June – Steve Ashley


11th June – Tim Edey


18th June – Tony McManus and Simon Mayor


25th June – Peggy Seeger “In Conversation”


2nd July – Hilary James and Simon Mayor


The Folk Club website is:  http://www.dartfordfolk.org.uk/



Thursday Nights (free)

Gambler and / or their associates every Thursday night starting at 9pm.



Forthcoming Cotton Club acts - Friday Nights

 (Doors open at 7pm – Band 9pm)                       


TOTALLY BLONDE        28th June £15




WALL OF FLOYD            19th July £16




THUNDERTHUMBS   6th September £15


THE ROZZERS   20th September £15


SIMPLY DAN   4th October £16


SLADE UK   25th October £16


ALBERT LEE Sunday 27th October £21


PURPLE ZEPPELIN   8th November £15


MAINLY MADNESS   23rd November£16


Please contact Nick or Ron (behind the bar) for tickets or any other queries relating to the Cotton Club. Tickets can also be obtained direct from the organiser on the website www.barrysmag.co.uk


Barrys Mag - Live music gigs in southeast england

BarrysMag is a local gig magazine produced each month for live music enthusiasts in southeast england.



Cotton Club - Sunday Afternoon


Sunday afternoons (lazy Sundays with a beer and a roast?) between 3.30pm and 5.30pm. Usually £10 admission on the door and on the last Sunday of the month.


26th May – California Screaming


30th June – Guitar Legends   A show born to celebrate the greatest guitarists of all time.


28th July – The Proof   Blues. Singer Paul Cox and his band.



And don’t forget…………………………………………


Travis’ quiz night(from 8.30pm) on the first Wednesday of every month



Kind regards,




Club Secretary


Euro 2024 fixtures

Group stage

Friday June 14
Germany vs Scotland (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Saturday June 15
Hungary vs Switzerland (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Spain vs Croatia (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Italy vs Albania (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Sunday June 16
Poland vs Netherlands (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Slovenia vs Denmark (kick-off 5pm UK time)

Serbia vs England (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Monday June 17
Romania vs Ukraine (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Belgium vs Slovakia (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Austria vs France (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Tuesday June 18
Turkey vs Georgia (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Portugal vs Czech Republic (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Wednesday June 19
Croatia vs Albania (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Germany vs Hungary (kick-off 5pm UK time)

Scotland vs Switzerland (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Thursday June 20
Slovenia vs Serbia (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Denmark vs England (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Spain vs Italy (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Friday June 21
Slovakia vs Ukraine (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Poland vs Austria (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Netherlands vs France (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Saturday June 22
Georgia vs Czech Republic (kick-off 2pm UK time)
Turkey vs Portugal (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Belgium vs Romania (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Sunday June 23
Switzerland vs Germany (kick-off 8pm UK time)
Scotland vs Hungary (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Monday June 24
Croatia vs Italy (kick-off 8pm UK time)
Albania vs Spain (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Tuesday June 25
Netherlands vs Austria (5pm UK time)
France vs Poland (5pm UK time)

England vs Slovenia (kick-off 8pm UK time)
Denmark vs Serbia (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Wednesday June 26
Slovakia vs Romania (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Ukraine vs Belgium (kick-off 5pm UK time)
Czech Republic vs Turkey (kick-off 8pm UK time)
Georgia vs Portugal (kick-off 8pm UK time)

Last 16 play - Saturday June 29 to Tuesday July 2

Quarter Finals - Friday July 5 and Saturday July 6

Semi Finals – Tuesday July 9 and Wednesday July 10

Final – Sunday July 14


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